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Gold Tone Amethyst & Clear Quartz Long Length Necklace

£35.00 £65.00

Handmade in small batches, by our talented in-house jewellery makers, this necklace is made using 14k gold plated chains and findings and features polished amethyst and clear quartz crystals to finish. Each necklace is completely unique with different shades and tones of purple due to the natural crystals used and will be chosen intuitively for you upon shipping.

Amethyst is perfect to use for crystal jewellery as it’s a natural tranquilliser, Amethyst crystal relieves stress and strain on the body and is said to soothe irritability. Amethyst can also be used to balance mood swings; it can dispel anger and rage and is an overall perfect crystal to use for anxiety relief.

Clear Quartz is said to be the most versatile, multipurpose, and powerful healing stone available, due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It is perfect to use in crystal jewellery making as it is a master healer that can be used for many conditions such as stimulating the immune system, reinstating bodily balance, and restoring and amplifying energy systems. It's perfect to keep close to the body.

Measures approx.: 68cm chain + extension

Made from: 14k gold plated metal and findings, Amethyst, Clear Quartz