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Manifest For The New year 2023

Manifest For The New year 2023

The New Year is now upon us. so I thought this would be the perfect time to prep you all with some easy manifestation rituals you can do on New Year. Here are 3 main areas for you to focus on this new year. 

  • Reflection & Gratitude

Over this new year I would suggest taking some time out to look back at your 2022 goals and manifestations – did you make a list or a vision board? Get them out and tick off what you achieved and reflect upon the manifestations that didn’t happen. Do you still want to achieve them? If so you can certainly add these to your 2023 wishes.

It’s important we take the time to reflect and clear any stagnant energy if need be and also to witness what we’ve already achieved during 2022. You could also write a gratitude list for 2022 and list down all the positive things that have happened throughout the year. It is important to reflect on both the positive and negative. This helps guide us into action for the upcoming year. Carrying on with some of the previous goals and celebrated what we have achieved, and letting go of what no longer serves us.

  • Spread Kindness 

Remember to always be kind to others, whilst we celebrate what we have achieved this year and the happiness we may be reflecting on. Some other may not have had the same experience. Remember to spread small acts of kindness. This can be simply be helping someone with a task at home, donating to a charity or taking the time to listen to someone who is having a hard time. The world needs kindness now more than ever so a great way to share some positivity and to make someone’s day is to do a random act of kindness. What will yours be this week? How can you help someone?

  • Journaling

You could even do some journaling on New Year if you feel this could help you. It sounds simple, but the key is to be specific. Do you want to make more money? Write down how much more you want to make and by when. Where do you want to travel, and with whom? What qualities do you want in your new relationships? Give the universe specifics so that there’s no confusion on what you are currently manifesting. Here are a few tips I recommend journaling, for a brand new year and new energy.

  • What is my proudest moment of 2023?
  • What has been my biggest lesson this year?
  • What do I want to improve on next year?
  • Has my health / diet improved this year?
  • What is my word/mantra for 2023?
  • What would I like to experience more of in 2023?
  • Where would i like to travel in 2023?
  • What do i need to let go of in 2023?
  • Did i meditate enough in 2022?
  • Are you focussing on a certain chakra in 2023?
  • What books do you want to read in 2023?

Some aids to help you with your manifesting this year:

  • Crystals

Crystals are beautiful stones that can amplify energies. Before you sit down to write your goals for the year, place your crystals around you, on your vision board, wear them as jewellery or create a crystal grid. Think of it as a supportive, complementary practice to help keep you in alignment with your vision. 

1. To bring in abundance, Citrine is one of my favourite crystals for manifesting, attracting prosperity, and helping to harness personal power.

2. To bring in Love and kindness, Rose Quartz opens up your heart to new love and allow you to let go of any trauma the heart is still holding onto. Allowing you to be kind to yourself.

3. To bring grounding, Black Tourmaline. This stone can help "keep you grounded and rooted in reality and also rooted in, like, our vision and what it is that we're trying to work toward. It protects you against other peoples negative energy.

4. To bring a sense of self, Green Adventurine. It can help you overcome feelings of self-doubt and make you feel more optimistic. It is thought to open the energy of the heart. 

5. For experiencing change and freedom, Moonstone. It is known for its connection to the heart chakra, as well as intuition and good luck. So is great for all things to connect with when manifesting! Moonstone encourages you to experience the freedom that's found through giving in to your wild side and following your passions.

6. For confidence, Carnelian. This stone of positivity can be used to remove blocks that leave us feeling burnt out, uninspired, and stuck. By simply looking at its vibrant orange colour "stimulates passion, motivation, confidence, and joy." 

7. For Amplification, Clear Quartz. It wouldn't be a crystal roundup with mention of the master healer! Many of its properties are great for manifesting, it can energise and boost whatever it is we're doing. Clear quartz can be a great crystal to amplify any work you're doing. 

Make a mantra for the new year!

If writing down goals feels too overwhelming, give yourself a mantra or a word for the year. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel this year?” Or, maybe it’s something you’re passionate about and want more of in your life. Whatever your mantra is, make sure it’s positive and supporting your highest good.

My mantra for 2023 is “I am at peace" I have moved past the trauma and i am loved and love who i am now. 

With that, I hope you all have a wonderful new year and that you are able to manifest peacefully.

Love & Light 

Jennifer Hare 

Founder & CEO