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Lets Learn About Rose Quartz ...

Lets Learn About Rose Quartz ...

So what it rose quartz? .... Rose quartz is a pink variety of quartz. 

Rose quartz aids the heart chakra in all areas of love. It restores balance, trust and harmony to the heart. It encourages love in all forms, relationships, friendships and self love. Rose quartz is often described as the stone of universal love.

As rose quartz focuses on opening up the heart chakra to inner healing, it is also great for bringing us peace, re assurance and a calming feeling upon us. Some people have found it to help during times of grief and loss. 

It helps protect you against other peoples negative emotions and replaces it with it loving energy. Rose quartz it is great for self love meditation practices and looking within. It helps to increase our self worth and forgiveness. 

So an overall summary 

Chakras -  Heart
Zodiac - Taurus, Libra 

Locations: Brazil, India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.