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Sunday 28th July

Cacao Ceremony

Meditation Focus: Grounding Your Root Chakra


Working with local spas in the midlands offering meditation and chakra balance classes. We also were Featured in British Vogue for our luxury statement crystals (available to source upon request)

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A Sankalpa is a positive affirmation or intention that is set during a state of deep relaxation or meditation. It is a statement that reflects your true heart felt desire and goals, helping to align your thoughts, words, and actions towards manifesting your deepest aspirations.

What is a cacao ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is a sacred gathering where cacao is consumed in a ceremonial and intentional way. It is often led by a facilitator who guides participants through various rituals and practices. The ceremony can be held in a group setting or done individually.

What is the Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is the spiritual concept that there exists a feminine counterpart to the patriarchal and masculine. The sacred feminine energy is nurturing, soft, grounded with strong boundaries, and trusting of her intuition. The sacred masculine energy is present, logical, and focused with a deep desire to protect and build.

Thank you jen, for making me feel seen and heard
Laura Cable
The best facial i ever had. rose quartz and elemis
liz porter
i never had a chakra alignment before, i finally feel like i at the start of my new journey with jen
Beth Riley